How do I send money online?

Sending money online with Envoye is simple. If you are new to Envoye then you will need to register for a free account which includes an identity verification process. Once you have had your identity verified and your account has been activated you are ready to send money. Simply fill out the form online and let us know how much money you would like to send, where you would like to send it to, and how you wish to pay for the transfer. Our advanced digital system will automatically find the best available exchange rate for you, which will be precise to the time you arrange the transfer to ensure that you get the best possible deal.
The Envoye system works quickly and your online transfers should arrive instantly, and no later than 24 hours. Transfer times may vary depending on the amount you wish to transfer as well as any additional security measures which may need to be undertaken by either us or your bank.
Envoye works with a large global network which includes multiple locations and countries to which you can send money. If you are unsure whether we cater for your chosen destination, simply get in touch with customer services and someone will come back to you as soon as possible.
As an international business we ensure that our customer service can be reached by email, meaning you can always get in touch with them for a fast response whatever your location or time zone.
In order to send money with Envoye you will need to know your recipient’s name, as it is issued on their ID, their bank account details and the country which they are located in.
Our customer service team will keep you updated throughout every step of the money transfer service and this includes when a recipient has received their money. Our technology also enables you to track all transfers live online to keep up to date with all of the latest movements of your money.